Nonprofit Job Board.

Type of work: Consulting + Design + Development.

Nonprofit Job Board Project

The owner of a successful job-board for nonprofit organizations came to us for some small fixing to be done. Right away we saw the potential he and his business had; but his website needed a revamp first.

As we had to upgrade the technology too (the old website was made in ASP), there were close to nothing we could re-utilize. But this also opened a new door for the client: create a new version of his website without being functionally attached to the old one.

And so we started an amazing process of definition and creation, us at that moment knowing next to nothing about the nonprofit niche, and the client being a literate about it, with more than 24 years of experience in the field.

But creating something new is always the best part --at least for those who know what they're doing. The hardest part is channel the past into what's new; in this case being the migration of about 15 years of information from the old website to the new one, having not only different database models, but different technologies as well (we were moving from SQL Server to MySQL).

In these cases, fortune favors the prepared, so we created a migrating script that we tested many times with small group of registries. And fortune did favor us: we migrated the whole database, fifteen years of users, jobs, invoices and much more, in less than 24 hours and without running over any problem.

The new website, a much improved, better looking and functionally capable version of the old one, had that moment came to light. As expected, this has helped his business, so we are now working on new functionality and growing the website.

Compare the old and new job post

Use the white line (in the middle) to swipe between the old and the new website.

Compare the old and new homepage

Use the white line (in the middle) to swipe between the old and the new website.

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